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Marbella Platinum specialists in the sale of luxury properties


Do you own a luxury property on the Costa del Sol and want to put it up for sale? Do not hesitate and contact us: We are Real Estate agents specialized in the most exclusive sector. Over the last 20 years, a countless number of owners have successfully trusted us.

At Marbella Platinum, we are proud to have a direct and cordial relationship with all the owners who have placed their trust in our services. Our professionalism, respect and our perfect knowledge of the luxury market have been the key to our success and, of course, that of our clients.

Marbella Platinum will elaborate a rigorous study in order to set the right selling price and will solve all your doubts regarding the eventual fiscal expenses that would be generated in the case of a possible purchase/sale, taking into account at all times the market situation, the legislation and the characteristics of the property you wish to sell.

By contracting the services of Marbella Platinum, your property will be promoted in the main national and international professional Real Estate circuits, in the most consolidated social networks and in our network of potential buyers.

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